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Where Does CBD Come From?

Let's start with Cannabis. Cannabis is simply a family of flowering plants that includes both Hemp and Marijuana. Cannabis plants produce naturally occurring compounds called cannabinoids that can be extracted for human benefit.

The most well known and researched cannabinoids include CBD, CBN, and THC. All Cannabis compounds can help with overall well-being, but each can promote different benefits and effects.

Natural Plant Compounds

Popular Cannabinoids


- Non-psychoactive

- Mood and energy booster

- Calms and clears the mind

- Reduces Inflammation


- Non-psychoactive

- Natural sedative properties

- Natural sleep aid

- Mind and body relaxation


- Psychoactive

- Euphoric qualities

- Mood booster

- Mind and body relaxation

Which is right for you

Types of CBD Products

Not all CBD products are the same. If you've tried CBD before and didn't see results, it may have been due to the type of product and/or quality. Learn about the different types of CBD products below and see what will work best for you

Full Spectrum CBD Products

Full Spectrum products contain highly concentrated levels of CBD & other cannabis compounds, including less than .3% THC.

Research shows that CBD works synergistically with lower levels of THC & other compounds to enhance benefits without the “high”. This is known as the entourage effect.

Broad Spectrum CBD Products

Broad Spectrum products contain highly concentrated levels of CBD & other cannabis compounds, except THC.

Since Broad Spectrum CBD products are THC free, you will not get the full entourage effect. However, the additional cannabis compounds will heighten your CBD experience.

CBD Isolate Products

CBD Isolate products solely contain highly concentrated levels of CBD. The extraction process for CBD Isolate products eliminates all other cannabinoids and additional cannabis compounds.

CBD Isolate is considered medical grade and offers the exclusive benefits of CBD.